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The spellcasters of Ether Saga Online

Shawn Schuster

In a recent dev journal at, the magic classes of the Free-2-Play Ether Saga Online are explained in greater detail for those players who may want more from their casters. Although there are six classes available to the three races in the game, this dev blog focuses on the Conjurer, the Mystic and the Shaman.

According to this journal, the Mystic is the healing class of the three, depending more on defensive magic for beneficial buffs or debuffs. The Conjurer is the damage-dealing magic-user, using offensive and manipulation magic to cause the most damage to their enemies. The Shaman is considered the hybrid class of Ether Saga Online, functioning both as a spellcaster and a tank. If you'd be interested in learning more about these classes, check out the dev journal for a complete description of each.

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