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Final Fantasy XIII demo plugs game for winter '09 in Japan


At least one lucky (industrious? shop-owning?) Japanese blogger has gotten a hold of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete in advance of its April 16 release. That and the little pack-in known as the Final Fantasy XIII demo.

While footage from said trial version has yet to surface -- but most assuredly will once ACC is officially on-sale -- we now have a glimpse of the "Demo's over, nothing more to see here!" screen. In addition to politely thanking the player for ... playing, it reiterates what Square Enix has been saying for some time: the game is planned for a winter 2009 release in Japan.

Of course, we don't consider a demo's end-screen as the definitive word on a game's release date. We're waiting for the magical press release with a specific month and day in big bold letters.

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