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Priceless tapestries of Henry VIII now priceless projection screens

Steven Kim

Modern HD projection technology is being used to restore the grandeur of some of the 2,000 tapestries collected by King Henry VIII, which are starting to fade and deteriorate. These pieces aren't as easily replaced as that velvet Elvis you love so much, so researchers from Manchester University were called in. By analyzing individual threads from the less-faded backsides of the tapestries, they were able to simulate the original color of the dyes and then create a "color correction" image of over 2-million pixels (1920x1080, perhaps?) that when projected on the front restores the original brilliance of the artwork. Considering that the tapestries are woven with threads of gold and silver and originally cost as much as two battleships, it's safe to assume that these are the world's most expensive (albeit heirloom-quality) projection screens.

[Photo courtesy Inventory of Henry VIII -- Tapestries & Royal Wardrobe]

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