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Report: Konami may skip 'Six Days in Fallujah' Euro launch

The dust has barely settled on the announcement of Six Days in Fallujah, but it once again finds a way into the news. During Konami's Gamer's Day in Frankfurt last week, unnamed representatives for the publisher told that they were waiting to see how Atomic Games would portray the brutal battle for Fallujah before deciding if the game would see a European release. Representatives also told De Telegraaf that it was unclear what the level of violence would be in the "documentary-style" shooter.

Since announcing the title, developer Atomic Games has been publicly lambasted by peace groups, veterans and their families for developing a video game based on an ongoing (and already controversial) war. Recently, a group of US military Iraq War veterans announced support of the title in an interview with G4TV, saying the project could hopefully "bolster support" for troops.

With Konami's European reps questioning a release, we wonder if Six Days in Fallujah will ever step out of the controversy long enough to hit store shelves anywhere.

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