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The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition bundle to contain replica bass, drums


GameStop just announced details of the Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle. According to an email sent out to customers, the Bundle will include a a Höfner bass, "The Beatles-inspired and Ludwig-branded Rock Band drums with classic pearl finish, a metal kick pedal and a vintage replica drumhead," a microphone and stand, as well as "additional special content." We're guessing that the drum set's careful description means it'll be an embellished Rock Band 2 drum set, rather than an accurate replica of Ludwig drums. You can get an idea of what it's supposed to look like at the game's website.

And we're also guessing that EA couldn't get the rights to a Rickenbacker guitar. Even if it is Paul McCartney's bass, the inclusion of a bass and no guitar seems odd!

The email teases an upcoming The Beatles: Rock Band Pre-order Club, which enables members to "receive breaking news and access to exclusive game elements, including art and behind-the-scenes footage." You know, if you're a huge fan of ... pre-ordering.

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