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Andrew House replaces David Reeves as President of SCEE

Jem Alexander

David Reeves (pictured) -- President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe -- will be stepping down and retiring, as of April 30 after 14 years at the company. Reeves will be succeeded by Andrew House, the current Chief Marketing Officer from May 1. House has been at Sony for 19 years, bouncing between Sony Corporation, Sony Japan, Sony America and, now, Sony Europe.

"It has been a wonderful ride with PlayStation," said David Reeves. "I never got to visit all 106 countries but managed 66. I have just two things to say on leaving: I want to thank all of those people who have supported SCEE and me personally in the past 14 years; you have been magnificent!" Likewise, Andrew House is "delighted to return to the PlayStation fold and excited to take on this new challenge. I have strong ties to the interactive entertainment industry and I believe there is huge potential for further growth of our business in the Europe/PAL countries and regions, particularly in the area of networked entertainment."

We wish David Reeves good luck on his future endeavors and look forward to seeing how things change under House's leadership. Are we the only ones picturing Andrew House with a cane, gammy leg and a wicked temper? Thought not.

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