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Apocrypha 1.1 patch brings a host of changes to EVE Online

James Egan

EVE Online's next iteration of the Apocrypha expansion, version 1.1, is slated to deploy on April 16th, bringing with it some major changes and a host of smaller fixes and adjustments. The patch notes are exhaustive, but this isn't a complaint. It's good that CCP Games has been thorough and not stealth-introduced these changes, many of which have been discussed on the forums already such as the ECM and stealth bomber changes. That said, some of the patch notes we've seen for EVE could be released in volumes, or at least as condensed books. The Apocrypha 1.1 patch notes are rather detailed as well; if you have a look you'll see what we mean.

Apocrypha 1.1 represents some significant changes that EVE Online's players will no doubt have some strong opinions about. With that in mind, let's have a moment of silence for the mighty Falcon; even in death your strength provokes e-rage. Its ECM effectiveness at long range has sparked no small amount of outcry from its victims while endearing itself to many Caldari recon ship pilots. From the comments connected with Apocrypha 1.1, it looks like the Falcon's death is as hotly debated as its life. Some will miss it while others are happy that CCP is changing the ship's bonuses.

More changes might be listed or adjustments made before tomorrow's downtime, and as always with the EVE Online patch notes, updated info will appear in green text.

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