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Braid PC has hidden bonus: a level editor

Jonathan Blow has revealed that message board rumblings of a hidden level editor within the PC version of his award-winning independent title, Braid, are true. Replying to chatter on the Steam forum [Via Destructoid], Blow revealed documentation for the editor would be released following an update to the game (which went live late yesterday) and "when more people have played/finished the game."

In the meantime, initial editor information has been posted by Blow on the official Braid blog to help gamers get started.The Braid PC level editor will allow gamers to extend the life of the puzzle title, with the potential to add "up to [another] full game," Blow wrote. The developer/survivalist also revealed future plans to add image importing from Photoshop into the game, allowing aspiring Braid designers to put their own graphics into their creations.

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