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'Life in Hell' trademark points to game adaptation


Those of you familiar with Matt Groening outside of his Simpsons and Futurama endeavors likely raised an eyebrow after reading the title to this post. It's okay, we did the same thing when looking at the trademark.

If you're unaware, Groening has had a strip called Life in Hell (renamed to Life is Swell in 2007) going since 1977. Life in Hell (we're staying O.G. with it) revolves around rabbits in hell, and is very different than his more popular works. Now it would seem to be at least in the planning stages of a video game adaptation, as it is one item on a long list at the US Patent and Trademark Office site. Given how many things are listed on the trademark, it would seem there's going to be an all-out merchandising blitz for the property. That, or absolutely nothing will happen. It's usually how these things go.

[Via Kotaku]

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