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Pre-order The Conduit's 'Exclusive Limited Edition Special Upgrade with Bonus' at GameStop!


Boy, that GameStop sure has a way with words, huh? The retailer's game page for The Conduit declares an "Exclusive Limited Edition -- with Bonus!" It's the usual: Pre-order the game with a down payment and secure your "Special Edition upgrade." But just how limited/special/upgraded, you ask? Well, you're looking at it. Don't see it? Look harder: That's a custom-detailed A.S.E., pal, and a not-so-secret-looking "Secret Agent" multiplayer skin. Oh, and there's an art book. But, honestly, are you really ever gonna open that?

See, around here, we believe the best art is art with no strings attached. And to prove it, we're opening up our vault of non-exclusive and unlimited [go on, keep clicking] multiplayer screens! But that's not all ... We've got the first online multiplayer trailer too! Continue on after the break to watch it, again and again, until your eyes bleed.


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