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Several mods interfering with chat display

Eliah Hecht

Most of my mods are working pretty well in patch 3.1, even if it's no longer as easy to update them. However, there is one bug that bit me that seems to be widespread enough to be worth a mention: various types of messages not showing up in the chat frame. This includes outgoing and (sometimes) incoming whispers, guild member alerts, and notifications of discovering new recipes (the last one I find particularly irritating, since it leaves you unaware of what you've just discovered if you use a Research recipe).

At first, I thought the bug was probably Prat's fault, since Prat is the most chat-oriented mod I'm using. However, after taking a look at my Lua errors, I traced it down to CraftyGnome, which I have disabled for the time being. I've heard of this error being caused by a few mods, though, so if you're running any of:

  • CraftyGnome
  • An old version of Deadly Boss Mods
  • Tongues

Try turning them off (or updating, in the case of DBM) and see if that fixes the problem. And if you've found any other mods that you have verified as causing this issue, let me know and I'll add them to the list.

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