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Sonos adds more firepower to iPhone app

Mel Martin

Sonos, maker of the highly regarded multi-room music system, has updated the free controller software the company provides for the iPhone. The Sonos Controller [App Store link] allows the selection of music or playlists, selection of internet radio stations, control of Pandora, Napster, and other music services, and now adds the ability to set, edit and delete alarms as well as set up networked music folders.

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, this free app is an alternative to the $399.00US controller that is sold with the system, and it is actually easier to use because of the iPhone touch screen. The iPhone app requires users to update their Sonos software to version 2.8, which is a free upgrade that was released yesterday.

The app works very well, without glitches or drama. The screens look stunning, and the reflection effects for album art are a nice touch. Sonos could have easily charged for this app, but getting it free is a major bonus.

The Sonos product is one of many that distributes music around the house and is Mac friendly. Of course Apple has its own solution, the Airport Express Base Station, which effortlessly streams music from your iTunes library to to speakers or a stereo within range of the device. Logitech also has several solutions including the Squeezebox, the Squeezebox Duet, and the Squeezebox Boom. Olive has a well regarded high end solution that includes music servers and players for individual rooms.

Here are some screen grabs of the Sonos Controller in action:

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