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WAR: Order bites back, tearing down the Inevitable City

Brooke Pilley

Are North American Warhammer servers too competitive or are the players just lazier than their brethren across the pond. Europeans can boast another world-first in WAR as Order members of Eltharion took down Tchar'zanek only a couple weeks after K8P took down Karl Franz.

One of the biggest pre-launch worries about WAR was that Destruction would boast a huge population advantage over Order and continually dominate. Players were a bit worried when Destuction was first to capture a city, but, albeit on a different server, this return strike by Order bodes well for the game's future in terms of realm balance. The true test of balance, however, is whether or not Order on K8P or Destruction on Eltharion can capture a city.

We will call this capture legitimate even though Mythic announced that they are making some changes to the king encounters based on what happened after K8P took down Franz. Tchar'zanek was killed before the new fixes could be implemented.

Ironically, this marks EU's second world-first even though some EU players feel they are treated as second-class citizens when it comes to WAR. Congratulations seem to be in order *cough cough*, so cheers! Oh, and to you NA players... hurry up, why don't ya!?

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[Via: Bio Break]

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