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Giant mechanized rhinoceros beetle makes its Japanese TV debut


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While it's certainly not all that uncommon to see giant robots wandering the streets of Japan, it looks like even the jaded folks on the Japanese TV show "Nanikore Chin Hakkei" were impressed by this massive beetle robot built by an Ibaraki man, who apparently spent a full 11 years toiling away at it. Of course, it's not a fully autonomous robot (thankfully), but it is able to be controlled from afar with a truly impressive remote control, or from the inside, which is fully kitted out with a spaceship-style cockpit and plenty of seating for passengers. It also isn't quite able to fully stand up on all those legs, which are instead used to pull it along the ground as some wheels provide a bit of extra assistance. Still, it's quite a sight to behold, and we can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't want to check out the video after the break -- unless, of course, you hate things that are awesome.


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