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IGDA breaks ties with China GDC amid trademark flap


There's new corporate-level drama in the ongoing tale of the two upcoming Chinese Game Developers Conferences. The International Game Developers Association has removed any mention of China GDC from its website and canceled plans for members to receive a ten percent discount on admission to the event, reports

The trouble stems from the continuing row between Think Services, owner of the "GDC" trademark and organizer of Game Developers Conference, and Howell Expo, which is allegedly using the GDC trademark illegally for its China GDC event. You see, Think Services is also planning an "official" Game Developers Conference for China to take place in October. Howell's China GDC event is scheduled for July.

Think Services has been placing legal pressure on its GDC partner companies, discouraging them from attending or otherwise promoting what it sees as a fraudulent and competing China GDC. We'd suggest that our readers, at least for the time being, refrain from organizing any sort of summit, conference or gathering that could be shortened to "GDC," such as the "Gnome Dating Conference," "Gnu Dance Competition" or "Greatest Dumpling Challenge." Trust us, it's for your own good.

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