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'Octomom' game trademark may contend with ... OctoMom's trademarks


In a move that shocked absolutely no one, lawyers representing Nadya "OctoMom" Suleman recently filed trademarks for the "OctoMom" name as it pertains to television, clothing and a line of diapers. What is surprising is that she may run into some legal contention, as mobile developer Super Happy Fun Fun filed for a similar trademark in March of this year -- only its trademark pertains to an upcoming iPhone game, once titled "OctoMom" (currently titled the much classier "Fertile Myrtle").

Super Happy Fun Fun (not to be confused with the amazing 2007 trailer for The Simpsons game) ran into trouble with licensing its game under the "OctoMom" name with Apple, according to SHFF CEO Mark Pierce. Though it seems likely that SHFF was trying to cash in on the recent popularity Ms. Suleman received, we're guessing Apple wasn't too keen on hosting the game due to its "ripped from the headlines" nature. Honestly, we're just hoping there won't be another lawsuit to cover.

[Via Game Culture]

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