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'Super Monkey Kong' renders Donkey Kong in LEDs


The Meggy Jr. is a build-it-yourself handheld console with a striking 8x8 LED display, programmed using the open-source Arduino platform. Somehow, clever game designers have managed to shoehorn playable, fun video games into that astoundingly low-resolution display (which, to use TV terms, would be "8p").

Programmer Steven Read has now created "the world's first LED Donkey Kong video game" for the device. The graphics are, naturally, scaled down, and each level now spans multiple screens, but Super Monkey Kong retains the essence of Donkey Kong -- climbing girders and avoiding barrels and fireballs. It even adds a bit of complexity. At the top of the level, you have to jump up and headbutt "Monkey Kong" in the LED beanbag five times to win. Unfortunately, like the NES version, this one lacks the cement factory level.

See Super Monkey Kong for yourself at Read's site.

[Via GameSetWatch]

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