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WAR patch 1.21 may be interim, but its beefy taste surprises

Brooke Pilley

Mythic is patching Warhammer to 1.21 today, and while the number suggests that it is an interim patch, its beefy flavor suggests otherwise. In true WAR fashion, this new patch boasts a number of big additions and improvements, including upgrades to keep siege, tweaks to combat responsiveness, and a brand new RvR token system.

Guilds that claim keeps can now upgrade them in various ways. Players can upgrade doors, add special merchants (e.g., siege, door repair, guild banker, etc.), add special guards, and increase the overall guard patrol sizes. On the other hand, attackers can now use a special new currency called Ordnance to purchase new and improved siege weapons.

Combat responsiveness issues have plagued WAR since launch and Mythic keeps promising fixes with each new patch. Hopefully, they have nailed it this time around. Players should no longer experience casting bar delays under normal RvR conditions and animations will be improved if everything goes according to plan.

Phase one of the token system introduced in 1.21 will focus on the RvR campaign. New medallions and crests will drop off players of appropriate renown throughout all tiers, which can then be exchanged for RvR set gear (e.g., Annihilator, Invader, etc.). Tokens will also be rewarded for capturing keeps, zones, forts, and completing various stages of city siege.

For more information on these items and much, much more, read the official 1.21 patch highlights as your client updates.

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