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Guild Wars video preview shows off The Zaishen Menagerie

James Egan

As Guild Wars approaches its four year anniversary this April 28th, they plan to kick off some birthday festivities a bit early, starting on April 23rd and running through the 29th. The Guild Wars 4 Year Anniversary Celebration will include rewards for long-time players such as miniatures, plus special items tied in with the event and festivities held at the Shing Jea Boardwalk.

NCSoft has also mentioned The Zaishen Menagerie, a new Asian-themed area, replete with torii-inspired arches, red bridges, and a picturesque backdrop. NCSoft gives this description of The Zaishen Menagerie:

"In a beautiful, lush new explorable area in the Battle Isles, the Zaishen Order runs a tight business breeding and training all the common and prestige pets from around the world for their clientele. There are a few ways you can start your own collection in the Menagerie. Bring any pet with you or your Heroes to the Tamer in the Menagerie Grounds. The Tamer will check your pet's evolution and unlock that tier and any lower tiers. Adding charmed pets to the Menagerie is absolutely free. You can also use Balthazar Faction or pay with Zaishen Coins and gold to have the Zaishen Order unlock and train evolutions of pets for you. This way, you've got several choices for unlocking all your pets."

There's also a Pet Unlock Pack that Guild Wars players can buy for $10 which will unlock all common pets in the Menagerie. We've got a video embed of The Zaishen Menagerie preview for you below the cut:

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