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LotRO Book 2.7.2 patch detailed

Jon Shute

Turbine have announced the patch notes for the latest updates to Lord of the Ring Online, Volume 2 Book 7 Patch 2. The biggest change for this patch is the new quest guide system is out of beta and now turned on by default for all players. The quest guide is a system to display quest objectives on the map, in a similar way to several other games.

An issue with Volume II, Book 2, Chapter 4 that caused it to prematurely complete has also been addressed, which has required any open instances of that quest to be removed from quest journals and the quest must now be restarted.

The Strange Happenings raid is now available again after being shut late last month due to an issue with the raid locks, and several changes have been made to the crafting instances. You must now have the "Kill Boss" quests active in order to enter these instances, and these quests can no longer be cancelled. Instead they have a one hour failure timer followed by a two hour cooldown before the quest can be repeated. Finally the "Kill 20" and "Collect" quests now require you to have the appropriate kill boss quest active in before they become available. In order to make these changes any players who have these quests open will also have them removed from the quest journal.

Finally, changes have also been made to address server performance and stability.

The patch is expected to arrive next week.

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