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Massively's Free Realms beta key giveaway

Shawn Schuster

You may have noticed us ramping up our Free Realms coverage a bit this week in preparation for something special. Well, that time has arrived and we're happy to announce an exclusive beta key giveaway for Sony Online Entertainment's Free Realms! We have 100 keys to give away to the Massively readers, and everyone has a fair chance.

To enter, simply add a comment to this post describing which feature(s) of Free Realms you anticipate most. Maybe you like the whimsical feel to the game. Maybe you like the minigames, or the job system, or the safe atmosphere for children. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it! You may enter only once, at any time from now until 9am EST on Saturday, April 18th when eligibility will close. Once the contest has closed, we'll choose 100 winners at random from the comments. Good luck!

[Edit: Eligibility is now closed. Winners will be contacted by the end of the weekend. Thanks to all who participated!]

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