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Runes of Magic Spring Rain Festival underway

Shawn Schuster

Everyone else had their Easter or Spring-themed festivals last week, but the folks at Frogster's Runes of Magic dare to be different with their own Spring Rain Festival happening right now. This event brings with it more quests, special drops and all the wabbits (yes, I said wabbits) you would care to see in your lifetime. These wabbits will be handing out gift parcels to reward special tasks. One of these rewards will actually turn your character into a wabbit themselves.

"The Spring Rain festival is rooted in ancient legend and is a symbol of the Earth's rebirth,"
the official press release states. "Legend tells of a traveler named Castor, who, a long time ago, appeared in a village where the inhabitants were suffering from hunger and were in great need since their harvest had failed that year. So, the traveler gave them a gift which was a special rainbow egg. The following spring, the seeds from this brightly colored egg sprouted with lots of trees with leaves and blossoms in the most beautiful rainbow colors and the time of misery came to an end. From this time onward, it then became the custom in Taborea to exchange brightly colored rainbow eggs between adventurers in honor of Castor during the Spring Rain Festival."

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