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"WM7 Titanium Project" adds glory, glitz, glamor to 6.5

Chris Ziegler

Commercial and grassroots efforts to reskin Windows Mobile are nothing new, but we were particularly taken aback by the "WM7 Titanium Project" that's coming together over on xda-developers (where else?) with the goal of crafting a Windows Mobile 7-like experience from a device running 6.5. Of course, no one's exactly sure what version 7 is going to look like just yet, but that's not going to stop folks from taking a stab at it -- and we've got to say, when random individuals can make WinMo-based user interfaces look this good in just a few weeks' or months' worth of fiddling, it really does make you wonder what the hell Microsoft is doing up in Redmond with its gobs of money, talent, and time. Unfortunately, the skin's only compatible with WVGA devices running cooked 6.5 ROMs right now, which limits your selection pretty significantly to say the least -- but WQVGA is in the works, so stay tuned.

[Thanks, Mikeo]

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