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City of Heroes player created content surpasses dev's in 24 hours

Kyle Horner

It seems as though Paragon Studios have hit content gold with their Issue 14 free update and its Mission Architect system. In the short span of just one day, the City of Heroes community has made more content for the game than has been built during the entirety of the game's life. And even though initial excitement is bound to sizzle down as time passes, we can't wait to see what kinds of missions come out of the players who stick with it over the coming weeks and months.

Something that caught our eye was the fact that 70% of all player created content uses custom enemies made with the character creator. If there's one thing you notice after playing an MMO long enough, it's that all the enemies you fight start to become stale no matter how wonderfully designed they may be -- it's inevitable. With this update, however, there's no telling what strange creation you'll end up fighting when a new mission hits the list.

The launch definitely seems to have exceeded everyone's expectations, and what's really encouraging is that this is only the beginning for custom created game content in not only City of Heroes, but MMOs as a whole.

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