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First look at Amazon's exclusive Ghostbusters 'Slimer Edition'


We know, we know -- there are those of us who are into Ghostbusters and then there are those of us who are really into Ghostbusters. For the majority of us, dropping a paltry $60 on the Atari-publlished ghost-bustin' game is more than enough. But don't worry, folks, if you were looking to spend $130 bucks for the title, Amazon's got you covered!

In the vein of the "Amazon Exclusive" Fallout 3's Survival Edition comes the ... "Amazon Exclusive" Ghostbusters: The Video Game "Slimer Edition." Fancy box? Check. Ecto-1 keychain? Check check. Slimer ... thing? You bet! We've compiled a gallery for your approval below. It seems like just yesterday we were thinking twice about that legendary cat helmet!

Update: Amazon has informed us that both the "Slimer Edition" and regular edition of Ghostbusters: The Video Game will be available for release date delivery via As if we needed more reason not to visit our local brick-and-mortar!

Gallery: Ghostbusters Slimer Edition | 4 Photos

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