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It lives: LG CF750 Secret passes FCC gauntlet in AT&T livery

Chris Ziegler

Geez, we'd almost forgotten about this rumor, but yeah -- now that we think about it, we'd heard all sorts of stuff about the LG Secret showing up on AT&T a while back. What happened to that? We can't say for sure, but it definitely wasn't a lack of FCC approval; this thing actually earned its shiny gold seal way back in October of last year, but we're just now getting confidentiality lifted on the good stuff like user manuals and external photos. Sure enough, that manual is rife with AT&T references like the notorious Video Share service, so we can still say with some confidence that it'll be heading that way eventually. Given the slim shell, touchscreen, and 5 megapixel cam, we'd like to be able to say that'll be happening soon -- but given how long they've gone so far, it's anyone's guess when we'll actually see it show up. Need any help with testing, guys?

[Via Phone Scoop]

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