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Justin Wong wins national SFIV tourney, Daigo remains world champ


We have to hand it to Justin Wong -- he put up a good fight. Defeating all American contestants in a three-round, GameStop-sponsored Street Fighter IV tournament over the course of the past two months, the NY-based Street Fighter enthusiast can walk tall knowing he took down the best of what America had to offer. What we didn't know when this tournament was announced, however, was that a brief "international title championship" would take place immediately following the battle's end.

After toppling Korea's Poongko, as well as Japan's Iyo, Wong (playing as Rufus) was left to compete with Japan's other entry, Daigo. Daigo apparently swept Wong using Ryu four to zero. Though Wong may not have walked away with the title of "international champion," he did likely need a truck for the Street Fighter IV arcade machine he won and, ya know, that enormous trophy he's holding.

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