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Report: Retired NFL players planning to sue EA and Madden for royalties

A story on GamePolitics recently pointed our attention to the blog of NFL retiree Dave Pear, where fellow former football player Bernie Parrish announced that a number of retired NFL players are planning to sue Electronic Arts and John Madden for using their likenesses in a number of Madden titles without paying them any royalties.

If this story sounds familiar, it's because the same group of 2,062 retirees filed a similar suit against the NFL Players Association last fall, ultimately receiving $28 million in damages. Parrish is asking each of the players involved in last year's lawsuit to put $1,000 of their respective settlements into a "litigation War Chest" with which to seek legal action against the publishing juggernaut and the recently retired commentator, who reportedly "collected over $100,000,000 in royalties while paying the retired NFL players used in those games absolutely nothing."

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