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Swinging travel powers and expansive cities in Champions Online

Kyle Horner

The ability to swing around has long been one of the most requested travel powers from many a caped player. And so it's with great joy that we announce this video showcasing the newest travel power in Champions Online, swinging! Now, ill themed adult-orientated jokes aside, this new video has really got us excited for the forthcoming launch of Cryptic's next game, because it give a brief glimpse of Millennium City's expansive scale.

Actually, we'd be lying if we told you that the expansiveness of the city in the video wasn't more astonishing than the characters monkeying it up with their hook guns. Although speaking of hook guns, it'd be a nice comicbook classics nod if players were able to attack bad guys with said devices -- even though they were never meant to be used like that.

Check out the entire video after the break.

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