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2K's Hartmann predicts shift to server-based gaming in 'the future'


2K Games Global President Christoph Hartmann believes server-based games are, like, the future. Not really the most surprising revelation from the exec, considering 2K Games is helping mix pitchers of OnLive Kool-Aid by placing its games on the mystical device. Hartmann expresses to that in the future, "the market will shift to more server-based games - similar to the movie business where most people just rent instead of view films in the cinema." 2K plans to release Major League Baseball and the BioShock franchises on the service.

Hartmann believes the OnLive technology will meet expectations, noting that the service will have more competition soon. It'll be interesting to see if OnLive (or some other similar service) proves the doubters wrong. Hartmann's right, though -- server-based gaming is the future, but just how far ahead do we have to go for it to be the present?

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