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    Engadget's take on the new mophie Juice Pack Air


    Blogger Darren Murph over at our sister blog Engadget has posted a hands-on review and detailed photo gallery for a new extended battery pack and case for the iPhone -- the mophie Juice Pack Air.

    Billed as the world's lightest and thinnest extended battery pack for the iPhone, the Juice Pack Air will ship on Tuesday, April 21st, at a suggested retail price of US$79.95. It's available in the usual black and white iPhone colors, as well as purple for all of those Colorado Rockies fans out there.

    The mophie Juice Pack Air (link to website) has achieved the Apple "Works with iPhone" certification, has a 1200 mAh Lithium Polymer battery to double your talk or play time, and even has an integrated 4-LED charge status indicator so you know when you're really going to lose all of your power.

    Darren found that with the Juice Pack Air and iPhone mated, the total package is only .75" (19 mm) thick and adds just a tad more width and height. Whether or not that's worth it to you depends on just how much you use your iPhone.

    Be sure to check out Darren's hands-on review and see if the Juice Pack Air is the battery for you!

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