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Fallout: New Vegas coming to consoles next year


At a Bethesda press event in London today, our very own Jem Alexander learned of a brand new addition to the Fallout universe. Fallout: New Vegas will be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 next year, courtesy of Alpha Protocol developer Obsidian Entertainment.

No other details have been revealed yet, but we're certain Jem will lockpick and hack his way to as much information as he can. We'll feed him to the mutants if he doesn't.

Update: The title is "just Fallout: New Vegas. No number. It's not a sequel." For those worried this non-numbered expansion would be a party game, fret not. It's "definitely an RPG," according to Bethesda VP Pete Hines. Obsidian Entertainment was founded by Fergus Urquhart who, along with a few other Obsidian guys, worked on the original Fallout. The team was approached by Bethesda and "jumped at the chance" to work on this new title.

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