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SOE storms the internet with Free Realms beta promotions

Shawn Schuster

Hopefully you were able to take part in our Free Realms beta key giveaway this weekend. If not, there's probably a good chance you can still pick up a key sometime soon. Our giveaway saw 100 lucky winners walk away with a key code to gain access to the game's current closed beta. The contest was held Friday, and winners received their keys either Saturday or Sunday. But we were far from the only ones.

In fact, this weekend saw one of the largest beta key giveaways in MMO history with tens of thousands of special codes being handed out at once by several different outlets. Aside from the normal MMO news and fan sites, the Free Realms Twitter account has been giving away a thousand keys at a time. To top it all off, USA Today is giving away 20,000 beta keys for a special promotion of theirs. If you're looking to get your hands on one of these beta keys, but haven't managed to snag one yet, hopefully one of these listed giveaways will get you on your way.

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