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Survey says: Xbox 360 leads in consumer satisfaction in Japan


Click for bigger, awesomer Japanese Xbox 360 poll art

Even though Xbox 360s aren't flying off of shelves in Japan, the console's perception is surprisingly positive in the country, an ASCII Media Works poll states. (Perhaps not so surprising, actually, given that fewer 360s purchased equals fewer 360s RRODed and E74ed.) The poll asked folks (in Japan) to rate each current console in six different categories: value for money; variety of interesting software; quality of visuals; external design; size/weight of console; and number of acquaintances who also owned the console. And, as Joystiq headlines would have you believe, the Xbox 360 came out on top with a combined 78.3 points out of a maximum of 100. It was also the most played system, averaging 28.8 hours of use a week.

Tied at 70.6 points, PS3 and Wii fared a bit lower. The biggest draw for the PS3, naturally, was its visual quality, but the Wii had no standout category, receiving average marks across the board. DS and PSP were also rated, receiving total marks of 72 and 73.2, respectively. The DS received positive nods for its interesting software, while the PSP received props for its visuals.

Still, many are simply overlooking the most important takeaway from this poll: the awesome image featured in this post.

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