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The Daily Grind: Your favorite MMO art?

As MMO fiends, many of us tend to gather game art up as we move from title to title. For some of us, it can be as simple as a folder full of screenshots of particular MMO moments that spoke to us - the first time we saw certain places and admired a designer's vision. Others may have MMO art as a matter of history - we just happened to be around and playing when this game or that started up, and we got a special item they mailed out. Still others of us devotedly pick up Collector's Editions for the bonus included soundtracks or art books. Beyond that, there are posters, fan art and even tattoos based on MMOs. This morning we thought we'd ask what some of your favorite bits of MMO art are? Did you particularly enjoy certain art books? Do you have a big collection of maps from worlds you've traveled in? Perhaps you love an MMO so much that you went and got some ink, or created your own art based on the imagery? What are some of your favorite bits of MMO art?

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