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AT&T is testing bumped-up 3G speeds

Mel Martin

Some people may not be happy with the iPhone running on the AT&T 3G network, but at least it appears that network will be running faster. AT&T is already in advanced testing of its new faster 3G network, which was first revealed by Scott McElroy, AT&T VP of Technology Realization, in an interview with Telephony Online.

AT&T says it is going to increase the downlink capacity on its high speed packet access (HSPA) from 3.6 megabits per second to 7.2 megabits per second by upgrading the software at the base stations. Currently, AT&T has the enhanced network running in two test markets, but plans to extend the faster spec to its entire network. Then, AT&T plans to start migrating its networks to 'Evolved HSPA' which would triple peak speeds.

Of course the big question for many of us is will the iPhone work with these enhanced speeds? AT&T says most of the data cards, smartphones, and the iPhone will support the new tweaked specs, at least up to 14.4 Mb/s. It's probably a good idea for AT&T to drastically improve its network, especially as it is begging Apple to renew its partnership for another year.

Maybe that will get the SlingBox Mobile app running happily if it ever arrives. Grrrr.

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