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MSNBC video interviews STO executive producer Craig Zinkievich

Jon Shute

MSNBC have released a video interview with executive producer Craig Zinkievich from Cryptic Studios about their upcoming title, Star Trek Online. The video is released at a time of renewed interest in the Star Trek franchise with the latest film, simply called Star Trek, due for release in May.

Star Trek Online is set in the year 2409, which is 30 years after the events of the last Next Generation film, Star Trek: Nemesis, and allows players to take the role of starship captains. In the video Zinkievich explains the basic themes of the title while video showing footage of the game plays alongside footage from the new film. Traditional Star Trek style gameplay is emphasized, with starship combat featuring heavily in the video and Zinkievich focusing on the ability to form away teams of up to four player captains, although if you have less than four then NPCs will take the roles of any slots not taken by other players. These NPCs are bridge officers that you level up and equip who also bring abilities to the space combat side of the game. Finally the fact that Star Trek Online will appeal to all science fiction fans, not just fans of Star Trek is emphasized. You can view the full video over at MSNBC.

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