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Pioneer gives its PDX-Z10 SACD player an iPod boost

Steven Kim

We're not sure about how well the SACD (Super Audio CD) format is doing in Japan, but if it's anything like it is here in the US, then the iPod input on Pioneer Japan's PDX-Z10 SACD player will be a welcome addition to those audiophiles who actually want a wide selection of content. To be fair, the PDX-Z10 packs a fair bit of audio utility into its sleek chassis, with a 2x50-Watt amp, USB input, and an ethernet port for DLNA access to media stored around your local network. The PDX-Z10 is set for a late May release, but the ¥150,000 ($1500) pricetag is going to relegate this piece of gear to the executive offices. Again, we're not intimately familiar with the Japanese market, but we're scratching our heads over how Pioneer could shutter the Kuro displays, but keep a light on for SACD.

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