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Saving Captain Phillips recreates recent pirate attack

We've recently had a betting pool going in the imaginary Joystiq offices in which we wagered how long it would take for a video game adaptation of the recent pirate attack of the Maersk Alabama to be developed. It's got all the necessary elements for a blockbuster action title: Snipers, heroic captains, climactic shootouts and, of course, nautical negotiations. Unfortunately, none of us had the gumption to bet such a game would surface in a mere nine days.

Online gaming portal Games2Win recently uploaded Saving Captain Phillips, a Flash title that places you in the shoes of the three Navy SEAL snipers who did the titular saving. You're tasked with taking out four pirates holding Captain Phillips hostage on a lifeboat -- though in the real-life hostage situation, only three pirates were aboard the lifeboat when the saving took place. Disappointingly, the game is about as good as it is historically accurate. It's a solid effort, but we think we'll wait for Infinity Ward to try their hand at game-ifying the high seas standoff.

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