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Cory Haynes named new president and COO of Sega Entertainment USA


There are a couple of confusing things to clear up right away. 1) No, Sega did not appoint Corey Haim as the new president and COO of Sega Entertainment USA. The company appointed Cory Haynes. 2) Sega Entertainment USA is the company's North American amusement division -- responsible for its entertainment ventures Gameworks and World Sports Grille -- not the division slowly grinding Sonic into the cold, cold ground.

Mr. Haynes previously served as the VP of Amusement / Midway Operations for Dave & Busters and will work to "drive strategic growth opportunities in North America." According to Haynes, the amusement industry faces "unprecedented challenges" in the current economy, which he will battle with "experienced strategic planning and decisive maneuvering."

If any of that means "free tokens," we are totally on-board.

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