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EA announces MySims Agents for Wii, DS

We always had this sneaking suspicion during our time in MySims' adorably rendered township -- an inkling that some great criminal presence was operating just below the surface of those colorful suburbs. Your quiet, saucer-eyed neighbor, Julia? Drug pusher. Mike, the lawyer from down the street? Human trafficker. Allie, the six-year-old daughter of Julia? Terrorist.

If bustin' scoundrels makes you feel good, you'll be pleased to hear Electronic Arts just announced MySims Agents for the Wii and DS. Though there will probably be some slight variations in gameplay, both titles place you in the patent leather shoes of a special agent tasked with bringing down some scurrilous lawbreaker using gadgets, Columbo-esque clue tracking and a little help from some similarly skilled neighbors. Look for the games to sneak out this Fall.

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