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Guildwatch: "This is not a f$#(ing joke"

Mike Schramm

How dare you find something amusing that raidleader Strakken of Shattered on Winterhoof says?!? What do you think this is, some kind of "game" where people "play" for "fun"? He has been forced, forced to increase the amount of time he plays just to deal with people in his guild. And whereas once he may have been proud of the guild and what they've done in terms of progression, times have changed. There's no way he's "going into 3.1 with a guild like this." Guildleading, my friends, is some serious business.

Eesh. That drama and more can be found in this week's Guildwatch. We encourage you to click the link below and read on, if only so you too can realize that it is completely possible to take this game and its guilds way, way too seriously (and by the way, if you know of any guilds you'd like to see here, email us about 'em at Because here's the secret: this is a joke. It is a game. And if you're not having fun, it's not time to increase the amount of time you play. It's time to walk away.


  • Dorfhuntard has deleted his post from this thread, but apparently he wanted to ditch his guild Incursio over on EU Alonsius just so he could get the Sarth 3D title. He's "geared enough and skilled enough, just my guild isn't." Ouch. We're not sure why he removed the posts -- either he decided that maybe he shouldn't try ditching his guild just for a title (which isn't leaving the game any time soon), or someone took him up on his offer and he wants to hide the evidence. We're guessing it's the first -- he's still in the guild, and his Armory says he doesn't have the title yet.
  • Transfer drama! Apparently Symbolic Logic transfered from Area 52 over to Nazgrel, and people on the new server didn't like it so much -- they quickly became the top guild on the server, and lots of people were unhappy that they nabbed a lot of server firsts. One of the main guilds behind the hate was a guild named Be Negative (who used to be called Mass Casualty). But apparently the folks in charge of BN learned something -- the GM and a few officers later decided to ninja their guild's bank, transfer off to a new server, and join a guild there that's doing Ulduar so they too can grab some server firsts. Hypocritical much? Actually, neither guild is really doing the right thing in this situation: can't we all just choose a server and down some bosses?
  • We're still straying away from simple PuG ninjas, but Vahalla over on Lothar is apparently hooking up together to ninja items away. Plus, even though it is just another ninja, the thread makes it pretty fun, too -- I especially like how they try to say "omg we tried to placate you so you wouldn't post this stuff!"
  • Final Reckoning on Feathermoon was apparently started with a guild bank ninja from another server. They get called out in this thread, and the OP tries to pull some military guilt on them -- apparently the guys are in the Marines, and a bank ninja does seem a little conduct unbecoming. But their response is even funnier -- they claim that a Marine's number one goal is "mission accomplished," and their mission was supposedly to bring (most) of the old guild's players to a new server for a new start. Hmmm -- I'm not a Marine, but I think there's more to it than just "mission accomplished." At any rate, the drama is still raging -- later on in the thread, someone says they're a reservist, and the Marine guys start saying that "being a reservist is not a sacrifice." Good times.
  • This is a good one -- Shattered on Winterhoof (who have apparently appeared in this space before) are having all kinds of hilarious discussions on their officer forums. An officer named Strakken1 is taking the guild's recent turn towards the casual way too seriously, and even grabbing as many complaints as he can from the guild members to try and shake up the officers. How do we know? Because some Alliance alt (maybe even Strakken1 -- he definitely seems like he thinks he's doing the right thing by causing all of this trouble, and he's certainly got reason to spread a bad word about the guild if he really is leaving it in disgust) has posted screenshots of all the arguments on the forums. "I'm not going into 3.1 with a guild like this." Ha! Kerp is exactly right: it is amusing. It is a game. Right here, folks, is the definition of someone taking a guild way too seriously.
  • This one's an oldie, but someone sent it to us this week, so consider it a "greatest hits" from last year: Premonition on The Forgotten Coast is so darn sure that one set of shoulders is better than the other that they're willing to /gkick someone for disagreeing. After that confusing bit of theorycrafting over on the forums, we get this thread, which tells all the backstory: Lagadin was thinking about quitting his Warrior, Fedelis, and told his guild that he might leave the game. They dragged him into see Vashj, trying to convince him that raiding and progression was a lot of fun. When he decided the whole thing was "meh," they then started attacking his gear, and when he tried to convince them that the set of shoulders he had was better than the set they could get him via raiding, they /gkicked him. We don't really like his attitude either (and that's probably why they got rid of him), but it is pretty funny that the last straw was a theorycrafting argument.
  • See if you can follow this saga. A player named Obtain applied to Anarchy on Dawnbringer late last month saying that they seemed like the guild atmosphere he was looking for. We hear he raided with them for about two weeks, and got the Sarth 3D title, but then this strange thread appears on the Andorhal forums. Apparently Obtain (who changed his name to Aphexx) didn't quite find the environment he was looking for, and yet is now touting himself as a Twilight Vanquisher raider (though as players point out, he's not quite a hardcore raider -- he just has the one title). We hear that Insanity has picked him up, but weirdly, it doesn't stop there -- our tipster says he's still applying to guilds around Andorhal, apparently still trying to find the right environment.
  • Core on Exodar-H became Immortal the other night, and they even had several members complete their Heroic: Glory of The Raider to get the drake before the patch. They also finished off three drakes in 82 seconds, though it was using the zerg method), and are recruiting a few Warlocks and a Holy Priest for Ulduar.
  • Phoenix on Eldre'Thalas-A tried clearing out Naxx 25 with just 20 people (five of whome are healers. Four Hoseman was a challenge, but they made it, finishing off both Arachnid and Military wings. Construct and Plague are still on the to-do list.
  • The Last to Fall of Thorium Brotherhood finally downed Grobb in Naxx 10, then quickly moved all the way up to KT. He's going to be the last to fall (get it!?).
  • Affirmative Action on Fenris-A just completed The Immortal which also completed Heroic: Glory of the Raider for most of the raid group. Congrats!
  • Aggro My Own Vegetables (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on EU Chromaggus cleared Naxx 10 for the first time the other night and also went on to celebrate by downing Sarth 10 with 8 men and getting the achievement. Grats!
  • Exile of the realm Whisperwind finally got the Immortal achievement and about twenty people got their Black Drakes just in time. Way to go.
  • Why So Serious of Azgalor successfully completed the achievement for The Undying and received the appropriate title as well. It was their only their second attempt, too.
  • Unknown Originz of Black Dragonflight are a casual raiding guild that has both Aussies and Americans in it. So they don't get to raid often, but when they did last week, they downed the Naxx Quarters and Sapphiron. KT is on notice for next time. They're also recruiting more raiders for 25-man content as well.
  • Paranoia of Vash downed Heroic Sarth 2D and have Heroic Malygos on farm. Heroic Naxx is also being farmed, as well as the normal instances, too. Sarth 3D was on notice, but they're probably hanging out in Ulduar nowadays.
  • Mob Deep in this Lich (ugh) of Gul'dan downed Sarth 3D and picked up Glory of the Raider. Nice job.
  • Dusk Ronin on EU Ravencrest-H has had a nice wek -- Sarth 3D both versions have been dropped, and they've picked up The Undying, too. Nice!
  • Late Night Elites on the Kirin Tor server recently downed Heroic Sarth 3D, which means they've cleared the game before Naxx. Congrats! They're also seeking good players as always -- post an app on the site if interested.
  • The Elder Brethren guild on EU Aszune-H downed Malygos for the first time the other week. They even had naysayers to beat: a few people told them they couldn't do it with our gear because they've only raided 10-man Naxx before. But the naysayers were wrong: Malygos downed. That is the best kind of victory: one other people thought you couldn't win.
  • Digital Dementia on Bloodscalp cleared out 10-man Naxx. Congrats!! Sarth and Malygos are next up.
  • Fairweather Raiders on Durotan-H picked up the Undying achievement. Way to go.
  • Horde Fu of Altar of Storms-H just downed Malygos 10, which means they've finished all 10 man content and are eager for Ulduar (or were, before the patch came out).
  • Dead Men Raiding of Aszune downed Malygos, which means they've beaten the first version of Wrath of the Lich King. Congrats!
  • Refugees of Luclin-H downed 10-man Sarth 3D. Way to go!
  • Broken Hammer on Kalecgos is celebrating their birthday this month -- they're three years old last week. They've cleared 10/25-man Naxx and are looking to finish off Heroic Malygos and Sarth 3D, as well as making headway in Ulduar. Good luck and congrats on the anniversary!
  • Ferocity are a bunch of friendly casual players 18+ on the EU Darkspear server looking for all classes especially tanks and healers, to keep on rolling through the 10-man content. Note: apparently you must like ham, and if you mess up in a raid, bewarned: they'll give you the "nipple of shame" (the orange raid marker) to wear.
  • Coffee on EU Azuremyst is apparently not recruiting. They don't have a tabard, bank tabs, or forums. They are not a social guild who is slowly wading into casual endgame content. And apparently all of this negative stuff is what they put in the trade chat to recruit -- it helps weed out the idiots and attracts people with some sort of a brain in their heads. Interesting tactic -- I'm surprised it works.
  • Emeritus on Kel'thuzad-A is recruiting all classes for Ulduar progression. They're a semi-hardcore raiding guild with strong leadership looking for committed raiders to fill out raid spots. At the moment they are working on Sarth 3D, all other content is being farmed, and they use a character-based, encounter-specific DKP system for loot distribution with a few caveats for alt characters.
  • Ravensong is a newly formed reroll project on EU Aszune. Their main goal is to explore ten-man content whilst creating a friendly community. If you're a newbie or a veteran looking to reroll, look them up.
  • Defiance on Smoulderthorn needs a few more people to join up who "don't suck." They're working on 10-man Naxx right now.
  • That Seventies Guild is a group of mostly mature players who run PvE raids on Darrowmere-H. They emphasize fun and community over progression, though they do take their raiding seriously. Ranged DPS and healers are encouraged at this time.
  • Prismatic Society is a newly formed GLBT guild on Proudmoore that has opened up to all classes and specs.
  • Nerdherder Nation is a raiding guild on Illidan interested in filling their ranks for all 25-man content. They have cleared everything with the exception of Sarth 3D, and currently raid 25-man dungeons on Wednesday and Sunday starting at 10pm. All good players are encouraged to apply. They don't need any more Death Knights, Paladins, or Rogues, but nearly everything else is open.
  • The Dark Knights of Lore is recruiting players on Llane-H. They are a friendly raiding guild, and have cleared Naxx 10 twice now, and are looking forward to starting up 25-man raids as soon as they get enough people. They're now seeking (deep breath) Balance Druids, Resto Druids, Mages, Priests (of all types), Resto Shamans, Elemental Shamans, Warlocks, and Protection Warriors. Exceptions may be made.
  • Divinity in Chains is a guild on the Bloodscalp-H server. Their primary goal at this time is questing, however as the majority of the characters level they will do some casual raiding. They're mature, casual, looking to have fun, and 100% drama free.
  • One Last Try on Arygos is a group of guys who are going to give making a nice guild, well, one more try. They're looking for everything. Tanks, Healers, and DPS.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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