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LG env3 pictured from the posterior

Chris Ziegler

We've seen it from the front, sure, but everybody knows the real action is around back with these things. Okay, fine, it's not -- but still, this is a phone that Verizon's going to expect to sell like hotcakes, and to do that, it's going to have to look good from every angle. The env2 is arguably one of the cooler looking devices in Verizon's lineup, and we're not so sure that this particular view is doing its successor any justice -- though the good news is that it'll apparently have a 3 megapixel cam with flash and some of that hot "Intelligent Shot" technology (whatever that is). We still need to see a whole lot more of this phone before we pass judgment, but hey, LG, just a word of warning: the pressure's on.

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