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Polymer Vision has Readius ready to go, needs cash to push it out the door


A bit of delay is always worrisome, but it looks like Polymer Vision has more to worry about than just missing Readius' projected launch date: without some more cash, the little pocket-friendly e-reader might not launch at all. According the Polymer Vision CEO Karl McGoldrick, they've got the supply chain in place, but the product has been on hold since last year due to the company's financial woes. "We are ready to go into production but all depends on exactly when the funding comes through," says Karl. It's not exactly a hot market for venture capital at the moment, especially for something as potentially floptastic as an e-reader, no matter how great that e-reader might happen to be. Still, we would hope that with the device and component supply (supposedly) in the bag, and an arguably revolutionary form factor, Polymer Vision is gonna be able to scrape somebody's coffers for what it takes to get this into our awaiting hands.

[Via jkOnTheRun]

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