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WoW Moviewatch: Green Funeral


InsertSh4de posted Green Funeral over on Warcraft Movies. The author says up front that it's his first video, so keep that in mind when looking it over. It's important to realize that an author's first video isn't necessarily an expression of his long term work. He's learning the ropes, learning what's possible with the software, and his vision is "trapped" inside those limitations.

That being said, "Green Funeral" is a parody of Billy Idol's "White Wedding." InsertSh4de wins huge points for that fact alone. You can admittedly see it's his first video. He warns that he felt the background was lazy, though I actually wouldn't have come to that conclusion myself. While the video's background isn't a finely tuned vista, I thought it was stylized and simple. It focuses the audience on the singer and dancers, not on the background setting.

I liked the singer, and thought it was a decent parallel to Billy Idol. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the Draenei dancers. They were a little too static for me. Even forgiving the token bum shots, I really could have used different scenes of them moving. Using the same clip over and over made it feel repetitive, even while the night elf was relatively active.

Ultimately, I think InsertSH4de could grow well. The video was fun, and the machinima work itself wasn't horrible. I liked his lyrics. I think if he spends more time on the video itself, he'll get some really great results.

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