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Xbox Live Top 10: Halo 3 reigns supreme, OutRun races to first

Another week passes and the epic struggle between Call of Duty: World at War and Halo 3 continues. For a second week in a row Halo 3 netted the top slot as the most played Xbox 360 game on Xbox Live -- probably due in part to the public availability of the Mythic Map Pack, released on April 9. On the top played Xbox Live Arcade list OutRun Online Arcade grabbed the top spot while last week's number one, The Dishwasher, dropped to fourth.

In a show of gamers voting with their dollars, the 1600 ($20) XBLA release Puzzle Quest: Galactrix plummeted from fifth spot to tenth while Capcom's Flock! has failed to make a splash on the top ten. "What will knock Halo 3 from the top slot?" you ask. Halo OutRun Arcade... pictured above and coming soon (but, not really). The full top ten lists are available after the break.

Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on UU's)

1 Halo 3
2 Call of Duty: World at War
3 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
4 Gears of War 2
6 Resident Evil 5
7 FIFA 09
8 Left 4 Dead
9 Halo Wars
10 Guitar Hero World Tour

Top Arcade Titles

1 OutRun Online Arcade
2 Hasbro Family Game Night**
3 Castle Crashers
4 The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
5 Worms
6 Peggle
8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Classic Arcade
9 3 on 3 NHL Arcade
10 Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

The above arcade list is based on full versions purchased.

**Combined sales of all Hasbro Family Game Night titles

Original Xbox Top Live Titles

1 Halo 2
2 Star Wars: Battlefront 2
3 Counter-Strike
4 Fable
5 Conker: Live Reloaded
6 Splinter Cell Chaos
7 Doom 3
8 Star Wars: Battlefront
9 SW: Republic Commando
10 Burnout 3

Top Community Games (Full Versions purchased)

1 RC-AirSim
2 Rumble Massage
3 DrumKit
4 Aquarium HD
5 Rabid Gophers
6 Remote Masseuse
7 Pwned
8 NextWar: The Quest for Earth
9 Little Racers
10 Miner Dig Deep

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