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AT&T CallVantage: fare thee well, we hardly knew ye


CallVantage may have survived being sued by Vonage, but there's one thing it couldn't survive -- progress. After thrilling us for some time now by magically transmitting people's "voice" over something called the "internet," AT&T's VoIP service will begin weening off customers over the course of this year. Folks will be able to switch to either another AT&T service, transfer to another service provider, or drop off the communications grid altogether -- where they will finally have the opportunity to spend their lives in solemn contemplation, with nothing but the babbling brook, the sweet sound of songbirds, and a journal of their thoughts to keep them occupied. The company says that it's pulling the plug to concentrate on its U-verse voice service, which can only mean one thing: Watson's got to them. We knew that guy was up to no good.

[Via MobileTechNews]

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