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Dodge Circuit EV goes for a test drive


Value your bodily safety too much to get within shouting distance of an electric motorcycle or a two-seat Segway? Our friends at AutoblogGreen have you totally covered with a test drive in the utterly safe, normal and boring Dodge Circuit EV. It's based on the same powertrain that Chrysler is stuffing into all of its ENVI vehicles, but with the lightweight Lotus-derived frame on top, there's quite a bit of get-up-and-go to it. Unfortunately, the cabin is a bit cramped, and Chrysler still has some bugs to work out with its EV platform. Right now the regenerative braking bites right away, instead of letting the car coast, requiring constant use of the accelerator to keep moving, but Chrysler is working on it. There are still big questions on price and availability, but so it goes with most electric vehicles -- at least this one seems fairly ready to go.

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