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First Aliens vs. Predator shots found in Euro mags


A couple of European mags have received what are believed to be the first screenshots of Sega's Aliens vs. Predator 3. reports that Spanish mag Play-Mania and Nuts Magazine (UK) both have content about the FPS sequel, which is expected in 2010.

If you've played the original games -- all those years ago -- it probably comes as no surprise that each race will have its own single-player campaign. Of course, this being the 21st century, the title will also feature online multiplayer. If you're in Europe, go pick up the mags for the details. If you live in the States ... we're sure some publication here will have the super-exclusive first look soon. Wonder which mag it'll be -- there are so many to choose from.

Update: And the US mag winner is ... OXM. Thanks, Brady.

[Thanks, Adam]

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