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Plants vs Zombies may branch out to consoles, iPhone


PopCap Games' upcoming Plants vs. Zombies isn't just some cute tower defense game. No, it's also responsible for 2009's catchiest tune, and even before the game's release on PC next month, there are rumblings it could be planting its seed into consoles and iPhone, according to comments PopCap made to

While the casual games giant (and crack dealer) made no mention of those platforms specifically (other than to say it has no plans involving them), it did want to make clear that its goal is to bring its product to as many people as possible. The company explained that its "overriding mission" is to have its games "in as many different places, and on as many platforms, as possible – to make them accessible to this audience of 'everyone'."

The game would be great on XBLA, PSN and WiiWare, we'd say. And, sure, why not the iPhone? That thing is too legit to quit now.

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